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Flip Mino – My New Toy September 28, 2009

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Day before yesterday I finally decided to buy Flip, or to use a clich I flipped for Flip. On my every visit to Fry’s or Target I would seriously consider buying it but comeback without doing so. I always felt – both my mobile phones have video camera, my Nikon records videos and I have a Sony handycam too. So what made me change my mind – A toy which works. Yes, I saw this toy being used extensively for extremely serious purpose at 140 Twitter Conference, I accepted that I was missing something – skipped my lunch break and decided to read what I was missing. I ‘read and read and couldn’t find anything which I was not aware of, so I decided to just go and buy, telling myself I can afford $163.00

I flipped for the Mino, half the juice at the same price when compared with regular Flip. My reason, if I don’t get hooked my daughter surely would. I opened t up at Chicago airport, telling myself, let me just play around, play around I did and got hooked in the process too. So what makes Flip happen for me, here are my quick takeaways which I couldn’t find in any review:

  1. It is simple, I got going in less than a minute
  2. It is focused to the job in hand – doesn’t do 100 things and complicates matter
  3. On it, shoot it, upload it
  4. Works with http://TwitSnaps.com
  5. Cool zoom feature
  6. You can walk around with it, becomes your third eye which is recording as you move
  7. Quickly gets charged
  8. No cables to worry about and hang yourself with
  9. Looks cool, while you are holding it, you don’t look like a fool (as you do with the bluetooth devices sticking out of your ear) 
  10. Doesn’t ask any questions

Flip comes with the mindset – Made for, does that. It does serve a need and that is to conveniently shoot and share.

This is not a conventional review of Flip, it is more like sharing my personal user experience.

I am loving my new toy, I hope you too.

Now watch this: http://uurl.in/3NXh2


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