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My 25 visits to the US September 6, 2009

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Yes! I returned back from my 25th visit to the US, a silver jubilee of sorts. Here are my 25 thoughts about the US and travelling to and fro so many times. I have tried to link it up with the visits, though it may not be exact.

  1. A land of opportunity, a land of hope
  2. A new window,  synonym of growth
  3. The air doesn’t smell
  4. Back to school? Yes! Back to school!!!
  5. There is more to American English than the spellings of color
  6. Discovery of American thought
  7. It should always be simple, Paris Hilton simple
  8. It is not as much about Merry Christmas as it about Happy Holidays
  9. Yes, the nation shuts down
  10. No Yahoo for Microsoft
  11. We don’t need enemies, we have President Bush
  12. Obama, Ossama and Yes, we can!
  13. Hillary, Obama or McCain
  14. My name is Obama, Barak H. Obama – let us not talk about H. Oh! Does H only stand for Hawaii
  15. Palin, the Hockey Mom – Alaskan Oil and the road to nowhere
  16. Lehman Brothers, Sisters and America. America Gassed, it is all about Gas – America is in recession
  17. Foreclosures, Insurance and Banks can America sustain – The Nation needs a bailout
  18. The era of the Stimulus, Stimulus, Stimulus – Mad, what mad? It is Madoff – $50 Billion in a ponzi scheme
  19. Joe the plumber
  20.  Obama – Barak Hussein Obama – The first Black President of the United States
  21. Chapter 11 for the GM – what is good for GM is good for America – slogan revisted
  22. Google learns to tweet
  23. The mystery of the missing Apple is solved, sorry the story of missing CEO of Apple is solved
  24. Send the checks home
  25. Cash for clunkers ends!


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