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Is it a Bug – Vanishing Tweet count August 14, 2009

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I got up to a very rude shock today, my tweet count which was at 4,000 something was down to 400 something. Just couldn’t understand what happened and why? Went to help section also went to Twitter account on GetSatisfaction and posted a tweet on the same, having done all that I remain unsatisfied.

Now, it is very likely that it is a bug – it is also likely that it is a hack of some sort. OK, so my tweet count has been reset, so what? So a lot – tweet count is like your notes, your hardwork and a first glance number which shows your seriousness on Twitter, my decisionmaking to follow or not to follow is also based on number of tweets.

The wonder game is getting interesting:

Is it that someone just decided to have fun?

Is it that someone just decided that somewhere the circle is not getting completed?

is it that my twitter status triggered a bug which automatically reduced me to 10%?

I have no answers yet, but the amount of love and regard I have for Twitter is nudging me to to go ahead and help Twitter understand my problem and solve it. I am sure they would.


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