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The Cabuliwallah – Remembered August 8, 2009

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Thakur Rabindranath Tagore’s stories have a huge pullback factor built in – you just can’t go away from the stories which you have read once. There is not even a single story which I have not read multiple times.

All of us who have read The Cabuliwallah as part of our school curriculum would be able to visually draw him on a piece of paper the pen-picture of the central character is so strong and so is the picture of Mini and “the father”. Every time I read the story and reach towards the end, I am reminded how much a single hundred Rupee note was worth. I wonder, if I was “the father” what would have I done, I am sure I would have too gone ahead with the marriage without “Electric Lights” & “Military Band” Absolutely. What I really love about this short story is the connect between values and relationships and how easily they are sewn together in this masterpiece.

The story has once again left me wondering, did Rehman get to see his daughter? Did she recognize him? Was he able to build a relationship with her of the kind he had with Mini. O Cabuliwallah! Cabuliwallah!


1. Sujatha - August 9, 2009

Oh what memories this brings back. Every time I’d eat raisins and cashews I’d grieve for the Cabuliwallah she forgot; I’d start to cry (but pretend not to) as Dad would talk of the daughter Cabuliwallah missed; I’d ask myself how could there be such pain in the world? (lol). Another Tagore tale and a favorite is Subha. Thank you for sharing this post

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