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Twitter and Me – Part II August 4, 2009

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I was out, out from the WordPress for too long, fortunate  me – I didn’t loose my way. Twitter has been keeping me busy. I had fallen in love with Tweeting long back, now I am obsessed with thinking and leading the development of applications over Twitter.

Twitter has truly changed my world. it has changed my working hours, eating habits and development preference. In last 6 months – Compare Infobase has gone ahead and invested a sizeable chunk of its own money in becoming part of TwitterVerse.

UURL.in http://uurl.in was the first one to roll out, with over 300,000 URLs shortened UURL has become perfect. The site has been used by over a million souls successfully.

TwitSnaps http://twitsnaps.com We were not the first one to roll out a photograph sharing website over Twitter, however the day we rolled out we were the smartest service with the best product . TwitSnaps has done wonderfully well and we expect it have over a million photographs in less than a year. It now also has a video section to it.

TweeCT http://TweeCT.com is a local Twitter Community Builder application. It is a directory of Twitter users in aprticular geography. The site is currently alpha and picking up

The response to http://TwiHotels.comTwiHotels has been impressive. you can check the queries @twihotel – Looks like this project would go places and very quickly

With the fourth roll-out done – I am happy. Compare Infobase is now a fully committed and integrated member of Twitter World and also a full facility development center for Twitter applications

More to come..


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