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Google Yahoo or Bing June 9, 2009

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I have got going with my 100 parameter study chart. These 100 parameters for searching and analyzing have been developed by me on the basis of over 13 years of active search experience and experimentation with creation of search engines and web directories. I have also learned a lot from criteria selection by other algorithm experts and white papers on search methodology.

Here is my first 25 parameter analysis. I have placed one term against each criteria, while I have used multiple terms to reach my findings.

A weight of 10 has been allocated on the basis of merit across the three search engines.

P.No Parameter Google Yahoo Bing
1 Absolute Search: “San Jose” 5 3 2
2 Addresses: 111 North Market Street 7 1 2
3 Adjacency Checks: San Jose Amusement Park 6 1 3
4 Adult Filter: I want to eat cherries 9 0 1
5 Anti Domain Squatting: I searched for Bangalore – Bangalore.com shouldn’t have shown up 2 7 1
6 APIs: My early assessment 6 3 1
7 Blog Search: Sonoma Chicken Coop review 5 3 2
8 Brand : D & G 5 3 2
9 Bridge Page Filters: Hotels in Las Vegas 6 3 1
10 Bug Free: Rapid Search approach 4 4 2
11 Buzz 3 2 5
12 City Names: San Jose, Seattle, Boston, Houston 6 3 1
13 Cloaking Check (It is improper to disclose the terms and glorify those who get away) 6 3 1
14 Complex Search : how far is sacramento from san jose 5 1 4
15 Consistency in results: On the basis of a brief study 4 4 2
16 Crawls: Google Bing Comparison by Simarprit 6 3 1
17 Customized Search 3 5 2
18 Time (Google tells me the time of the place on the basis of my IP) 9 1 0
19 Date Filter (Air France Wreckage) 6 3 1
20 Dead Link Checks and done with events: Obama Hillary primaries 5 3 2
21 Deep Search (Hotel near airport in San Jose) 4 4 2
22 Default Weights: Cats 8 1 1
23 Depth: Barack Obama 3 6 1
24 Dictionary Results: Meticulous 3 4 3
25 Directory Structure (Couldn’t locate one in Bing) 4 6 0
130 77 43

Google emerges as a clear winner with miles to spare when we talk pure collate, query, retrieve and deliver parameters. I would be completing this report over next couple of days as each parameter takes about an hour to assess and conclude. I am publishing these findings as i am through with two levels of cross verification for the whole set and the third level for this set.

Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.This list is alphabetically sorted.


1. jaideep - June 10, 2009

nice rewiew

2. Malcolm - June 12, 2009

Great analysis!

I’d be interested in seeing what process you took for each of these. For instance, what did you do for #18 ‘Time’?

If I do a query for “time” in Google, it will give me links to time.gov, etc.
Whereas both Yahoo and Bing give me the actual time in my time zone, in addition to links.. so wondering why you gave them 9, 1, 0 points respectively?

simarprit - June 12, 2009

Malcolm I would be back in San Jose on June 22, 2009 – how about dropping in and validating the review by that time I would have posted my views on all 100 parameters. I cross checked now – my current location is India, Google gives me the right time, Yahoo has not moved me away from San Jose and shows me San Jose time (I moved from San Jose to Chicago, Chicago to New Delhi, India – but Yahoo just tells me Pacific Daylight Time) and Bing doesn’t understand what I am doing.

Ali - February 9, 2012

I was enmiaxing some of your content on this internet site and I believe this website is rattling instructive! Keep putting up.

3. Jonathan Wong - June 12, 2009

Just curious, but which market version of Bing are you conducting your tests with? The United States version or the Inda version?

And would you also be publishing the methodology on how each parameter is being scored and why each result is given the numeric score you gave?

For example, I just did a search for “111 North Market Street” on all three engines, and I couldn’t figure out how Google’s score can be so much better than Yahoo’s or Bing’s result.

Interesting study, but it looks terribly subjective to me.

simarprit - June 12, 2009

Thank you for reading my post and for taking time to comment on it. I appreciate your questions. Here we go:

1. I collected my first set of test data on all 100 parameters over two days at San Jose and subsequently collected a second set of test data at Chicago.
2. On the basis of that test data I published Google Bing Comparison http://uurl.in/slfy2 As a quick report
3. I have published results of first 25 criteria and the balance I would be doing over weekend.
4. My data set typically contains 4 to 5 data points per criteria
5. I don’t make any claims that my study would have no subjective components to it, I think every study is bound to have some of it. I have done a similar study on Google vs Cuil comparison about an year back and I am following the same approach..
6. I am also considering holding a joint session with SDF or SIPA or USMAC as a formal release of the report.

Thank you once again


4. Joseph - June 15, 2009

I have tried other search engines from time to time and never strayed from Google. However, I am now using Bing as my default engine, and every 1 of 4 searches I might also do in Google, but I like how Bing presents the results along with pertinent sidecars of info. Image search is really presented much better, though Google again sometimes does a better job of relevancy.

I guess presentation does matter more than one would relative to purely search quality.

5. jalaj - June 28, 2009

I give 0 to Google for “Dead Link Checks and done with events”… what event can be more imposrtant than that related to itself??

Check “Google PR update” and the first page that shows up.

A page that showed authorative info until Oct 2007 is now unfortunately giving all wrong info. Unfortunately many sites still quote “As of June 28th, there has not been a Toolbar PR export for 487 day(s).” The site is fooling google by using server side date count and the Big G is promoting it to 1 st result

A personal message to webmaster in late 2007 received answer that my programmer is not free now. At least he got some time in early 2008 to make update!!!! but then not time for more than last 16 months….

This post inspired me to write What Exactly is a Good Search Engine?

BTW I don’t see any problem with bangalore.com!!

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