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Google Vs Bing – The Real Picture June 6, 2009

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I loved doing Google Vs Cuil Comparison, I bow and thank all who agreed with my very early comment that Cuil isn’t cool. Once again I take a neutral stance and begin to do a beta of what I would love to do. I would do some searches and post some early observations. I am now working on Google and Bing together – and bear my passing comments.

  1. Bing Homepage scores hands down- Google looks like some sleepy college project. I may choose to go to BING for its homepage, other things remaining constant – Weight 10, Google 1: Bing 9 Running Score – Google 1: Bing 9
  2. Search: Chicago Airport – Observation: Bing is crowded with so many ads, it just looks unreal – the result is pushed below the fold. Both Bing and Google get ohare.com as the first result. However Google also serves a related link to Conditions at Chicago Airport, which I think is cool, Weight 10 – Google 7 Bing 3 – Running Score – Google 8: Bing 12
  3. Search: Cairo Speech – What is Bing doing, why should they exclude YouTube- thumbs down to Bing, Google gets the White House alongside most which Bing does. Weight 10 – Google 8 Bing 2 – Running Score – Google 16: Bing 14
  4. Search: Jobs back at Apple – Oh No! Bing doesn’t understand everyday English offers me local job related ads – it does give me what I am looking for, but it is down-under. Google gets the context right, absolutely right. However the first irrelevant result from wikipedia about Steve Jobs was unnecessary. Weight 10: Google 9 Bing 1 – Running Score – Google 25: Bing 15
  5. UI: The UI of Bing while searching is far superior to Google – you need to get a hang of it though. I like the left panel and a “website like”navigation capabilities. Eliminates the need to go down or go up every-time you need to navigate away from the page – Weight 30 – Google 7 Bing  23 – Running Score – Google 32: Bing 38
  6. Search: Nokia n97 – This is search we are talking My Dear Bing, what is it – your results are a joke. Bing suggestion bar is not based on search trends, it suggests me n95 while the world is moving to n97 while keying in itself. Further I don’t like Bing’s approach of throwing too much advertising on me, is advertising on Bing free. Google scores better in terms of results also. If  I put irritants aside I would give Bing 8 and Google 6, but irritants define internet and usage so here we go – Weight 10 – Google 8 Bing  2 – Running Score – Google 40: Bing 40
  7. Search: Where Am I – Bingo for Bing, Google is lost. Bing pulls up a map and shows me Chicago, Google doesn’t understand and comprehend what I mean. This is awesome. Bing gets it bang on the dot reads my mind, though doesn’t get my exact location – but Google is in 1900’s – so sad – Weight 10 – Google 1 Bing  9 – Running Score – Google 41: Bing 49
  8. Self description: I searched for Google on Google and Bing on Bing – Google doesn’t think there is a need to define itself properly. Bing defines itself in a very articulate manner – Read this when search for Google on Google “Advanced Search · Preferences · Language Tools · Advertising Programs – Business Solutions – About Google. ©2009 – Privacy”and now read this when searched for Bing on Bing “Bing is a search engine that finds and organizes the answers you need so you can make faster, more informed decisions” – Weight 10 – Google 2 Bing  8 – Running Score – Google 43: Bing 57
  9. Search: New York – Bing is clumsy, what a mess of a simple search term Bing displays second result as New York Casino Las Vegas – OMG. How can they do this! Google gets the map right, the official site and other sites right and also gets the videos right – – Weight 10 – Google 10 Bing  0 – Running Score – Google 53: Bing 57 – That is big negative for Bing – UI/ Navigation is all fine, but if you get your main algo wrong – God Bless… and continue blessing
  10. Search: Red Wines – Google and Bing are twins – with Google few minutes elder and slightly wiser. Also Bing is more about monetization and hence here we go – identical results, nearly identical scores – Weight 10 – Google 6 Bing  4 – Running Score – Google 59: Bing 61
  11. Search: Trending on Twitter – Google suggestion bar reads your mind and brings home all absolutely relevant results – Bing suggestion bar doesn’t catch the trend. However when it comes to results Bing does come up somewhat.  Weight 10 – Google 8 Bing  2 – Running Score – Google 67: Bing 63

Final Scores Google 67 and Bing 63 – Game to Google

With this I come to an end of my 2 cents on Google Vs Bing – Google is better, but Bing does well, very well for Johnny come lately. Bing is good garnishing on average cut, Google is better cut of a better block anyway.

As always, I love comments and observations. My final report based on extensive research may take few more days.


1. Sanjay Mehta - June 8, 2009

Great comparison, as always.
Well, I hope that this is only a start for Bing. And if at start, it can come so close to Google, then there is only one way it can go further – UP.
It will be good to have a good alternative to Google, and will certainly keep Google on its toes.
All in all, good for the consumer!

2. Prateek Raj - June 8, 2009

One more thing which i observed is that Google is too good in including the research articles if its related to the keyword. Google includes all the journals, which I find missing in BIng.

Another big thing is that Bing fails to tell me in advance that whether the link leads me to a pdf, xls, etc format and that if I wish to see that in plain HTML format.

3. khushbu - June 8, 2009

Perfect comparison . I follow each search term and got the same result as written.

4. Goutam Sathia - June 8, 2009

Impressive Comparision!
It’s the search ecosystem that would bind the consumers online, at this point neighter one can stand alone. It would be Google + Bing + Others = Reach

5. simworldnews - June 8, 2009

let’s remember that Google has been here forever, they had their time to improve, innovate and fix all their problems. Bing has been here for around 2 weeks and its doing this well already!

Not to forget the image & video, travel & shopping searches which Bing is waayy better in! AND the related searches, categories and resources (wikipedia pages) that open within Bing. Also, product reviews & customer reviews also available within Bing.

Bing is now my search engine.

6. John Doe - June 8, 2009

A fine opinion piece.

I do take issue with the highly personal preferences over UI. I find Bing’s UI to be unnecessarily cluttered. A search engine is a tool that I use – and not something to force feed me random unsolicited images and information. There millions of websites where I can do just that. I am not arguing Google is uniformly better for everyone – simply that UI is a highly personal choice that should be best left outside of the review.

7. simarprit - June 8, 2009

Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions, I appreciate the time you took out to read my opinion and suggest me alternative approaches for the same. I am working on a complete review and I am taking your all views seriously

8. vnovin - July 20, 2009

I have been a huge fan of Google and I still am! 🙂
Just one url in response to Bing: http://bingisnotgoogle.com/ It says it all!

9. Gemilla - September 1, 2009

Bing is a good attempt by Microsoft to break the monopoly that Google has over the search arena but sadly it is not good enough. The only interesting thing about Bing is its UI.
The search is also not good enough. Trying searching for Linux on bing you wouldnt get the name of any distributions like RedHat or Debian in the top 10 results. Quite different and inefficient when compared to that of Google!
Here is another site that does the comparison for you http://www.bing-vs-google.com
which will make the superiority of Google very evident!

There is an interesting comparison of the two not only in terms of their search engines but also in terms of the various products that are coming up. Hope you like it.

10. akshay - September 25, 2009

at last somebody came to stop the monopoly of google.Bing seems good

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