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Twitter and Me March 23, 2009

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There have been some posts which state – in Twitter you don’t have friends, you have indifferent people just indulging in self praise, or talking about literally nothing. To me in Twitter, I have a friend. Yes Twitter is your friend. You can go and say anything and if you are a good friend you get a tweet back. That is Twitter to me.

I started tweeting actively about 6 months back, for past three months, one can say I am regular – I am fast approaching my one thousand tweets and I am very proud of it. My tweets are real, not even a single is machine generated in any form. I know who all I follow and who all follow me, of course I have not been in the race to gain 10,000 followers I can’t relate with. Most of the people I am following do serious tweets, couple of causal with serious is like a hint of milk in a cup of Darjeeling tea, it makes the falvor come out.

I am focused on what I tweet, I tweet on SEO, Food, India and Sikhism. Those I am following are in at least two of the four, if not all four. Twitter is allowing me to think and evolve both personally and professionally. Many of Compare sites tweet, some are number one in their segment and growing very fast. Our incubation division is now working on series of applications for Twitter, UURL.in a URL shortening site presents quite a few options and is gaining by innovation. Our microblogging site too has learnt from Twitter – though our model is very different but at heart even in Dil Khol Ke bol. you tweet.

Let me say it, in Facebook, Myspace and Orkut – I never had a friend, in Twitter I have a friend. A friend who values me as much as I value him.

Enjoy Twitter!



1. NAVI - March 23, 2009


2. sukhdeep - March 24, 2009

Quite True .. most of times i just express myself.. without caring if anybody wil read or comment on it..!!

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