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Google Search – Domain is King? February 28, 2009

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Is Domain the King in the new Google Search – looks like it is almost there.

I must admit I had to tweak it abit to get it going. About 70% I got right the first time, for 30% of the terms I had to search.

Domain is King?    
Search Term Default Domain #1 Result #2 Result #3 Result #4 Result top 10 Result
Apple apple.com apple.com        
Buy buy.com buy.com        
Cars cars.com cars.com        
Dog dog.com   dog.com      
Egg egg.com egg.com        
Flights flights.com flights.com        
God god.com   god.com      
hotels hotels.com hotels.com        
Internet internet.com   internet.com      
Jewelry jewelry.com jewelry.com        
King king.com king.com        
Law law.com   law.com      
Movies movies.com movies.com        
NYC nyc.com nyc.gov        
Orange orange.com orange.co.uk        
Play play.com play.com        
Quest quest.om quest.com        
Rent rent.com   rent.com      
Shoes shoes.com shoes.com        
Time time.com time.com        
USA usa.com   usa.gov      
Virgin virgin.com virgin.com        
Wine.com wine.com   wine.com      
X-ray xray.com         xray-mag.com
Yellow yellow.com yellow.com        
Zombie zombie       zombie.com  


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