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Compare Infobase Current Portfolio February 22, 2009

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I owe this post to Compare Infobase, the company I founded the company I work for. I am often asked for a link to important e-businesses we own or manage and I try to put together a list for the person who is asking for it. We do have a website, but it just doesn’t keep pace with what all we are doing. So here is as straight as it can get –

Compare Infobase is in the business of developing, selling and maintaining e-businesses.
Some of the e-businesses which we currently own:

Maps of World – http://mapsofworld.com (MoW) MoW is one of the top ten mapping sites in the world. It is a matter of great pride for us that Mapsofworld.com has become a bigger online brand than the good old Rand Mc Nally. Yes today more people log into Mapsofworld.com from all over the world over those who log into Ranmcnally.com

The site is now a Quantcast top 1500 sites in the US and we are confident that it would break into top 100 sites within six months, maybe sooner. The site appeals to students and business alike, and people from all walks of website design recommend its homepage for reference on what a good homepage design should be.

Maps of India – Mapsofindia.com (MoI) is India’s first and number one Mapping site. Having retained its position as the premier site for mapping refernence in India since its inception – MoI continues to be a profitable and growing venture. The subdomains of MoI – http://business.mapsofindia.com and http://travel.mapsofindia.com have made a unique place for themselves in their respective verticals. MoI has been a mother site to many other vertical specific independent sites, these sites are now doing reasonably well in their respective verticals. http://IndiaEdu.comhttp://Headlinesindia.com in News and http;//IndiaHousing.com in Housing have all been promoted by Mapsoindia.com and have been born out of one sub section of Mapsofindia.com

Headlines India – http;//HeadlinesiNdia.com

My Dear Valentine – http://MyDearValentine.com

Dgreetings – http://Dgreetings.com

Dil Khol Ke Bol – http://DilKholKeBol.com

UURL – http://UURL.in

Beauty Tips Hub – http://BeautyTipsHub.com

More to come:


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