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Smart Vs Sincere February 9, 2009

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There is a saying in India – Who would save the boat if the captain decides to sink it? The Satyam Saga provided answer – The ecosystem. Yes it is the software industry ecosystem which came to the rescue with a supportive government playing a positive no self-interest role.

The IT industry has three parts: One which is run by Smart Souls, second which is run by Sincere Souls and the third which is run by Smart & Sincere Souls. If we do a division about 20% is run by Smart Souls, 79% by Sincere Souls and 1% by Smart and Sincere Souls. It is these 1% who have moved the industry and got it so far. So if 100% is divided between these three what about those who are neither of the three? Oh! You mean where does Mr. Raju fix in all this? He and his alike are visitors, Mr. Raju choose to portray that he belongs here and succeeded to a great degree in doing the same. Finally he has moved to his home, if all goes well he should stay there for rest of his life. They never belong, they can never belong here.

Over past few days I’ve been meeting lot of individuals some aspiring, some arrived and some struggling. The Satyam saga makes you think what would be this person like, say twenty years down the lane – Bill Gates, Larry Elison, Larry Page, Vinod Khosla, Steve Ballmer, Bernard Madoff or Ramalinga Raju of Satyam. The perspective has changed.

So who is Simar? Or What would Simar be like in 20 years – I have always considered F.C. Kohli of TCS as a role model, coming anywhere close to his persona would be a dream come true.


1. Ashish - March 10, 2009

The ship must be worth saving. Satyam’s net worth is $1.4 billion, as of Feb 20, 2009. It houses 40K + employees. There is a huge “Indian Software and Outsourcing Industry” reputation embedded in the fate of the company. This is why the government is clamoring to help.

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