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OOPS and Web Development February 7, 2009

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About 20 years back I heard this term for the first time – OOPS – Object Oriented Programming Software. This term was expanded and Software was replaced with Systems. The approach was plain and simple, can we just go ahead and create components and once put together they build the software. All the components should be reusable and made in a fashion that they can be deployed at multiple disjoined places. But they were components, parts which had no life of their own. Why I am writing all this is essentially due to my experimenting big time the OOPS approach for serious Web Development. We at Compare are working on at least six technologies which are independently available and have their respective market leaders. We are creating those with a slightly different intent. The intent is that they should innovate around what they need to do and also they should integrate seamlessly with their other siblings.

So what is the challenge? The challenge is to make each part separately commercially viable, multi-deployment oriented and componnetized while integrating it absolutely without any UX issues with the nodal UI.

Where to use subdomins and where to use independent domains is a very minor challenge when compared to bigger issues of integration and independent functionality. We decided to have snaps.in independent but also want it be the default images site for DilKholKeBol.com UX as of now is pathetic at Snaps.in end UI is great at DilKholKeBol end. It is like a half air filled balloon.
Would keep on adding as and when we move ahead


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