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Short URL Big Story February 3, 2009

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Since TinyURL.com came and became a big success short URL websites have come-up from literally nowhere. In the process of completing our Microblogging Platform, the challenge came up to have a built in short URL connectivity. Easy option to go ahead and link to TinyURL.com and get going, the option we choose – do a need analysis of what we want and create exactly to our specifications. Result our approach to a Universal URL. We call it UURL.in – Universal Uniform Resource Locator seven characters of its own and we get going with a five character assigned code. We also decided to built in features and opted for building a directory in the process. Beta version of UURL.in went live yesterday, taking us one step closer to our symbolic completion of the platform.

>>> Added on feb 6, 2009

What is the biggest challenge for a Short URL website. 100% uptime at all times. Other challenges/ priorities:

  1. Functionality has to be 100% at all times
  2. Features are important, but not at the cost of UX
  3. Minimu keystrokes – maximum action
  4. TinyURL does above 400 URL shortenings in a “good”minute stretch

More to come…


1. Nimwit - March 30, 2009

Yep there are loads. I use http://iamuk.co.uk for mine as it has statistics.

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