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Shahrukh Khan on Twitter January 31, 2009

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Billu Barber Kay Liya Saala Kuch Bhi Kareyga. In English – For Billu Barber this nut would do anything (This was my first impression when I was told Shahrukh Khan got going on Twitter.)

Shahrukh Khan, King Khan is on Twitter now, Billu Barber has to succeed, King Khan has to be seen as King Khan. Ghajini eclipsed Rab Nain Bana Di Jori so Billu Barber must do one better on Ghajini and Slumdog – so if it means Shahrukh has to be on Twitter to get that NRI and Indian geeks, he must. When I saw him on Twitter (Thanks Ajit), I tweeted him back that he he should rather be on http://DilKholKeBol.com. I am sure it would work better on DKKB for him and for Billu Barber.

Coming back to it, I think it is good for Shahrukh Khan to be on Twitter and good for Twitter to have Shahrukh on Twitter. Works well both ways. There is some excitement and Indian spice, Bollywood is happening and being on Twitter Shahrukh has window for much wider exposure to the happening and geeks generation. For Twitter I am sure Shahrukh being there may bring in many more regulars.
So good news for Twitter, Good news for Shahrukh and good news for all Indians who tweet, one more reason to tweet and tweet a lot.

For those who don’t know Mr. Khan – Shahrukh Khan is one of the biggest film stars for Indians all over the world.


1. Nish - June 26, 2009

good for him…but he has always come across as someone who is aware of the macro-environment and then adapts consciously. Otherwise, it would have been difficult for him to stay on top for so long.

2. Nish - June 26, 2009

Btw, did he respond to your tweet?

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