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Truth and Gurbani January 21, 2009

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The True One is in his heart, the True One upon his lips, the True One in his eyes;
O Nanak, these qualities define a God-conscious being.
From Gurbani:
Mann saachaa mukh saachaa so-ay, Avar na paykhai aykas bin ko-ay;
Naanak ih lachhan barahm gi-aanee ho-ay

This teaching to me: Absolute truth is the one which is in your heart, which is exactly said by your lips and which is truly reflected by your eyes.

These takeaways and more are from Sri Guru Granth Sahib. These pious words can be read at http://www.GoldenTempleImages.com


1. Manpreet Singh - July 4, 2009

WOW , …. But not just read this. also apply in your life only then that stage of Brahmgiani be obtained by the GurparShaad .. by the greace of GOD.Akal Purkh…

Mann tu Jot Saroop hai aapna Mool Pashaan..

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