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Credit Card Fraud Mechanism Unearthed January 18, 2009

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Just few minutes back I had gone to buy some grocery, fruits and vegetables to an outlet of one of the most respected chains. This is how I saw a credit card fraud happening, my invoice was being used for that, though I was not directly being defrauded:

  1. They were using one billing counter, while they had four counter staff and making customers wait
  2. While he was doing my punching, I could see another guy coming over and telling him something
  3. Suspecting some foul-play, I decided to pay strictly cash
    I turned behind to take the cash out, this boy went ahead and swiped a credit-card quickly
  4. Crosschecked whether by mistake I gave the card? Realizing that I have not. I knew I was seeing a classic case of smart credit card fraud happening.
  5. Knew payment summary would come at the end, so I must take the complete invoice to ensure he doesn’t tear that part, and I know exactly what has been done with that credit card
  6. Paid cash and got my stuff cleared for taking-out. I needed a stamped complete invoice for the proof
  7. Having secured the same, I pointed out to him casually that I have paid cash and it has shown credit card usage in my invoice.
  8. A person came forward who called himself store manager, he said it is a mistake and told that he will correct it with pen – I said I need correct receipt for my books of accounts.
  9. They started punching the whole bill again, that credit card was quickly taken back.
  10. Realizing that they may-not handme over the fraudulent invoice, I decided to step out as I had enough evidence to report to the chain or to the police.
  11. Later someone calling himself  “real”  store manager came to my car, took my details and a written complaint

Why I am not giving the name of the store rightnow? I would like to take legal protection before I do that. I would also like to give an opportunity to the store to act on my complaint

So quick takeaways:

  1. Be vigilant
  2. Check the invoice thoroughly for quantity, items and payment method
  3. If you are serious to take up the matter, protect yourself, maintain cool and collect all evidence


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