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Vivek Paul at Satyam? January 14, 2009

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Who made Wipro, the Wipro it is? Azim Premzi and Ashok Soota or Azim Premji and VivekPaul – The jury is still out on that.  In my view Azim Premji and Ashok Soota laid down the foundation and Azim Premji and Vivek Paul built the magnificient structure which we all see today.

The name of Vivek Paul has been doing rounds in the past too, someone had mentioned that his name is under consideration for Yahoo alongside Arun Sarin’s about two months back. Now with Vivek Paul’s name being mentioned for Satyam Chairman/ CEO is not only interesting, it is also encouraging. Deepak, Parikh, Kiran Karnik, Vivek Paul – I think the valuation of this team alone could be a billion dollars.

Vivek Paul means energy and focus to an outsider like me, these are the two things he brought to the table when he was in Wipro, his being media savvy of- course helps.

What are the other names which could bring in significant value? Subroto Bagchi, Dr. Dhruv Nath, P Rajendran, Ishwar Hemrajani, V Sreenivasan. Anyone of them can bring stability to the team and action on the ground.

Let us see who is willing to take up this challenge, not many of his own would congratulate him though.


1. Hemanth - January 14, 2009

I totally agree with you…he has a way of getting things done! And the recent news that he has quit TGP has added more to the speculation! Hope for the best…:)

2. Partha Sarathy - January 15, 2009

Vivek Paul the dreamer performer and achiever graduated from BITS Pilani which is one among the top ranking universities in India today and is a flag bearer for Brand BITS Pilani. Great going Vivek

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