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Is Your Website Alive? January 13, 2009

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What kind of website do you have? Your choices are: Alive and Kicking, Alive and Living, Alive and Sleeping, Alive but in Coma, Dead.

Alive and Kicking: Alive and Kicking are those websites which get updated every minute 60×60, 24×7.

Alive and Living: Websites which get updated at least once every hour.

Alive and Sleeping: Oh! They are updated once a day.

Alive but in Coma: If a site is updated once a week, but every week

Dead: Yes, if your site doesn’t get new content for a week, it is dead.

This is the new definition of websites, this is the new Internet order. UGC, social networking, aggregated, publisher based, syndicated – whatever you call it, to be in business you need to ensure that you are alive and kicking. The fact that you get traffic every minute is no longer sufficient. Do you have something new to offer every minute, this what holds the key to dream millions and billions.


1. Nish - June 26, 2009

from where did you get this definition? Just curious…

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