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Satyam – My View January 11, 2009

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Every year Nasscom yearly review is sponsored by Satyam. As the review remains next to me in my office through the year, the Satyam logo also stays put. I first thought that I will remove the cover, the main bind doesn’t have the logo, I decided to let it be there. The reason it would ensure that we don’t gó astray, ever. What happened in, to and because of Satyam can be a big lesson on how not to run a software business.

Some random questions?

  1. Why PwC is not being chased by media?
  2. Who was Maytas CFO?
  3. What was the composition of the equity before the scam?
  4. Why there is no talk about attaching Maytas assets?
  5. Was the meger deal better than what Satyam has got into?
  6. How much is the personal landholding of Satyam family?
  7. What was individual wealth ten years back of Satyam promoters?
  8. Why Government waited for two days after the scam broke out to arrest Raju brothers?


1. Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com - January 11, 2009

These are good questions.

PWC probably is not chased by the media because they have told on the first day itself that they cannot reveal much because of “client confidentiality”. Lets hope that they have the confidentiality agreement with Satyam and not “Mr. Raju”.

Even at the time of Maytas deal, the Raju family only held around 8% of the Company.

Regarding Maytas CFO, you can probably check this site, http://contentlinks.asiancerc.com/kotaknew/fundamental/Corporate.asp

Regarding interesting posts on Satyam, you can visit me at http://www.sathyamurthy.com/tag/satyam


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