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Kiran Karnik at Satyam January 11, 2009

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Feb 7, 2009

I share with pleasure the news of Kiran Sir taking over as Chairman of the Board at Satyam. It is a great news and speaks very higly about the Indian IT industry ecosystem. The Satyam Saga shows to the world that even if things go horribly wrong, as a nation we have an ecosystem in place to put them rightback where they should be.


___ The original post as done on Jan 11, 2009

The news About Kiran Karnik Ji joining Satyam was music to ears. He is the right man to rebuild the confidence and the organization. It is a great move by the government to get things going. I have had no personal interaction with Mr. Deepak Parikh or Mr. C Achuttam, so I will zero down on what Mr. Karnik’s  joining Satyam Board means to Satyam and to the Indian IT Industry.

As a member of Nasscom I have had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with Kiran Sir at number of occasions the following few statements reflect my personal observations and should not be seen as Compare Infobase views.

  1. Kiran Sir has worked with Raju closely when Raju was Chairman of Nasscom and Kiran Sir was President, it would make it easier for him to get him talking and come clean
  2. Integrity and above the board approach would bring immense benefits
  3. His inside knowledge of the industry and good equation with business leaders from all walks of the industry is a real asset
  4. His standing and stature will stop the share price slide and rebuild share value
  5. His command and understanding of the business can retain clients and employees
  6. The scientific approach to problem solving is what Satyam needs today and that is what Mr. Kiran Karnik brings on the table

If Satyam is traded tomorrow, I will buy Satyam just because things can only get better. 

Good job done. The worst is over. The rebuilding of Satyam has begun.


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