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SEO Unique Sources January 4, 2009

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Over last 10 years on the Internet, I would have personally worked on over 300 sites. In some I had a bit role and in others I worked on the project since birth of the idea. In 1998 we made the site for the Internet environment, in 1999 we started making site for Yahoo and the Internet , from 2002 we have been making it for largely Google environment. and others. A change is in the air, I see myself working for the Internet again. Google is important, very important, but it looks like there are certain set of projects which need Google for growth not for their survival. What would be the relationship of these projects with Google. It looks like Google would need them more than they would need Google. Facebook and Twitter are two of the many examples which come up when you think of changing environment.

While working for Dil Khol ke Bol, our microblogging platform deployment – Google was not the central character of my To Market Strategy. My central character was Engagement. How do we engage even one person who lands on our site. If we can engage him he will engage others. If one website uses Dil Khol Ke Bol to promote their website, slowly hundred would and over a period of time 100,000 and maybe a million in couple of years. Google is like a honeybee, it is in act of enriching user experience of its own users. Where there is so much of action, Google would surely be proactive, it goes well with its character.

So what do I see as a checklist from an SEO purposes:

  1. Google/ Yahoo/ Live
  2. WordPress
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Quantcast
  6. Quarkbase
  7. Vertical Specific Blogs
  8. Geography Specific Blogs
  9. Vertical Specific News Websites
  10. Geography Specific News Websites
  11. Student Interaction Websites
  12. Other blogging sites
  13. Other microblogging sites
  14. Homepage of your site
  15. Each landingpage of your site
  16. Google Analytics
  17. Google Insights
  18. Your competitors homepage
  19. Your complimentary sites homepages
  20. Your Graphic Images

More to come…


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