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Mapsofindia.com The Story Continues January 3, 2009

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Mapsofindia.com along-with Indiamart.com are two sites which have stood on their own for now over ten years. Maps of India has been owned by Compare Infobase and my friend Dinesh Aggarwal has been running India Mart ever-since. Dinesh about an year back get into an investment alliance with a Times of India group company and has been working to take India Mart to higher heights. On the other side his decision left MapsofIndia.com as the only non VC funded business in the Indian Internet space.

Do Internet businesses which are not VC or PE funded have any long-term chance of growth and market leadership? It is a tough question. There may not be any easy answers to it. It depends on which vertical you are in and how passionate you are about the business. Having said this, would Mapsofindia.com continue leading the Indian mapping space on the Internet? As of now it looks like yes. The site has been growing and maintaining its position. It was a top 250 website in the Indian Internet space when there were only 2,000 sites focused on India. It maintains its position today competing against over 200,000 websites focused on India. For the long-run say next ten years, Mapsofindia.com has a lot to do, it has to grow by relationships as much as it has to grow by technology enhancements and product offerings. MOI needs to have a reason for every age group, every business, every ethnic group from every geography to hit the site at-least hundred times every day. Which in numbers means the site must get at-least 100 Sindhis in the age group 11 – 17 to visit MOI everyday, and it must get 100 visitors from Jabalpur too. Everyone must get a need fulfilled by being on Mapsofindia. It must mean a lot more than a map website to them.

To achieve this Mapsofindia must set its goal higher. It must target top 100 position in next two years. It must target a Google Page Rank of 8, it must target information seekers (for India) from all countries to find and use Mapsofindia.

There is a bright future for Mapsofindia, and I am confident that the team Mapsofindia led by Mani and Usha would ensure that it grows and maintains its status in the Internet space.


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