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Microblogging Integration January 2, 2009

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It has taken me three days to zero down on what it takes to build a seamless integration and a rugged platform to handle it. Nanoblogging can be very exciting but needs to be pulled through largely SMS and further integrated in the system to ensure satisfaction and publishing gratification to the author. Microblogging platform is a visualizers nightmare, drawing specifications and developing it in agile environment is a complex task and fatal if not handled well. Blogging is an expression without an end.

When couple of users mentioned their reservations about microblogging platform, I had a choice either open it and encounter more mobile challenges or just leave that segment. When nanoblogging suggestions were made the same challenge happened in reverse.

Three days working on it, and the strategy is defined. Dil Khol Ke Bol is a microblogging platform, if you have a nanoblog – no issues we will give you a seamless integration and make sure it is seen and read. If you have more than what a microblog can do justice with – no issues again. We will do a quick integrated blog post for that.

So the solution – With microblogging platform in the center, we will make a nanoblogging platform with extreme SMS integration on one side and a title and tag based blogging platform on the other side. We have decided not to dilute the platform but to enhance it with these external entities. More when the model gets going.


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