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This is Simarprit January 1, 2009

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On the first day of 2009 I challenge myself to define – who am I?

Am I the moon? Everyone looks at
or am I a spoon? Everyone just uses it

Am I fire? Fire can be creator or a destroyer
or am I an ire? Ire is a bad-wish

Am I simple? Everyone can see through
or am I crinkle? No one can make out

Am I day? Everyone looks forward to
or am I hay? What good is it anyway

Am I a hero? Hero leads the way
or am I a zero? Zeros just fall away

Am I fresh? Freshness is always in the air
or am I crushed? Crushed are just walked over

Am I hope? Hope is life
or am I Mr. Nope? nope is death

Am I action? Where all just happens
or I am reflection? Nothing on its own

Am I a song? Anyone can sing
or am i a dong? Would be noisy if hit

Am I lion? Fearsome and a leader
or am I loin? best had with little spice

I don’t know who I am
I may never know who I am


1. Ajit - January 1, 2009

You are all that or none…

2. Sanjay Mehta - January 2, 2009

Why so much doubt? Why the anguish?

You are what you believe. And it is that belief that makes you deliver what you want to deliver.

It does not matter what others make of you. Your own conviction is all that matters..

3. Zephyrus - January 2, 2009

I am astonished at this..

Still I would say I see you on the flag of SFO.

The phoenix….

All I can say is:


4. Meenakshi Nair - January 3, 2009

Hey Simar,
Wonderful rhyming! Never realized you could do it so well. Did you actually feel you are all those or just for the sake of rhyming, you have put them there :):) Now, don’t kill me Simar. Jokes apart, on a serious note – You very well know who you are Simar. May be it’s just that you are not yet ready to accept it!

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