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Pakistan and Terrorism December 24, 2008

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Do I hate Pakistan?
Do I hate Islam?
No. How can I, I pray to words of several muslims in my Bani everyday (in Gurbani which I follow).
Do I hate Terrorism?
Is Kasab a Pakistani?
Did Kasab leave Pakistan to attack India?
Do I hate those who support terrorism?
So again, do I hate Pakistan?
It looks like a tightrope walk to those who don’t hate Pakistan. Hundreds of questions like this come straight up. Pakistan and Terrorism are becoming synonyms, one can’t deny that. It is bad. I personally feel sad when people refer to Pakistan as cradle to modern day terrorism.
It is the land of Indus Valley Civilization.
It is the land of learning – Texala or Takshila.
For Sikhs, it all started here what is now called Pakistan.
For Secularism, it all started in Lahore – where the first secular kingdom was established by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.
For me it all started in what is now called Pakistan, my father and mother both were born there. So were all my elders.
I have my friends there.

Do I love India?
Do I feel horrible over what happened in Mumbai and what has been happening in the past?
Do I agree that Pakistan as a state or quite a few Pakistani nationals as individuals have been making our life difficult in India and many parts of the world?
Does ISI support Terrorism?
Looks like, doesn’t it?
Isn’t ISI a Pakistan Government organization?
Yes it is?

Tightrope or no rope, if it looks like a duck, it walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck.  It is a duck. It is a duck.

So what should Pakistan Government do?
They should own-up, and clean-up. There is no choice. If they clean-up, it will be quick and least dirty, if the world gets to cleaning it up, it will get messy, very messy.


1. Asjad - December 24, 2008

do you have any solid proof against pakistan for terror attacks in mambai

2. simarprit - December 24, 2008

I have written this post the way I look at this tragedy and turn of events. I respect your having taken out time to read my post and write this comment. I have approved your comment and posted the same. I must state, this is a platform for my thoughts and is not for a debate. You may invite me to any platform where we are debating this unfortunate red blood day events. You can find me on twitter or on http://www.DilKholKeBol.com and we can exchange our views.

3. shilpa70 - December 27, 2008

Hi Simar

Was just reading this and thinking how we generalize some things like you mentioned Pakistan in itself never means land of terrorism. Yes the Pakistan government can do a lot to clear things up.

4. Jinu - December 29, 2008

Hi Simar

Your blog somehow was one of the most effective blogs I have read on the terror attacks. It echoes the voice of all the Indians who feel torn apart in these fights.

I work for a website called http://www.scratchhmysoul.com which aims to make this world a better place to be at, by way of encouraging Informed Opinion – the kind of opinion you have about the 26/11 attacks. As an avid blogger, I have seen quite a few blogs that have addressed this issue at hand.

I would like to collate all these valuable blog posts under one roof for people across the world get both an emotional and analytical perspective about the issue.

I would request you to register yourself on http://www.scratchmysoul.com and simply copy-paste your article in the section called ‘(Your name) Diary’.

Please do not think of this as a promotional comment for my company since it is not one! 🙂 Feel free to write to me at jinupeyeti@gmail.com if you need any help.

Happy Blogging!

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