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Agile Development and Microblogging December 19, 2008

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Last year I spent over 40 days in various seminars and conferences. I went from city to city learning things and attending workshops and listening to people. Four projects have come out so far from the numerous lectures I attended to.

The most interesting of the four is the microblogging project we are working on. The notes from over fourteen sessions have gone into making of this project. The sessions I attended on Microblogging and Agile Software Development have of-course been the base for development of DIl Khol Ke Bol – an India centric Roman Script based microblogging project, but it is important to note that the sessions on Search Engine Strategies, Landing Page Optimization, Role of Graphics in Social networking Platforms have made significant contribution.

The sessions on the role of PR in social networking platforms and the importance of the environment for success of a project have had a significant influence on the way we are moving in http://www.dilkholkebol.com


1. wisdominhindsight - December 24, 2008

And there are miles to go, before we sleep… its just a beginning..

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