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SEO Best Practices August 20, 2008

Posted by simarprit in Blogging, Internet, Search Engines, SEO, websites.
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The most important takeaway for me from the SES 2008, San Jose is that I have come to accept SEO as an integral part of doing business on the net. I must put a quick rejoinder, Ethical SEO is good and it must center around the concept that Search Engines need you more than you eed the search engines. Search engines main stay is good content and high degree of relevant top quality results.

This post is going to be an ever evolving post on SEO Best Practices, this would be an extension of my own own learning and growth as an SEO practitioner.

Search Engine Optimization is good and is here to stay, it all depends on you as an SEO practitioner on how strongly you define your best practices and how religiously you follow them and live the guidelines.

So what is the rule of thumb, and the most critical best practice:

Make your site in a form that it enhances the search engines usage experience. In other words, Search Engines should need you at the least as much as you need them, preferably they should need you more than you need them.

Much more to come, it has just begun…


1. meenakshinair - August 20, 2008

Hi simar,
Great to read your posts. They are definitely helping me understand the changing views of SEO practices. Since you have been so regular in your posts, esp on SEO practices, it gives a reason to come back to it every now and then.

Just one question – When we are building a site or a page, if we genuinely give the target audience what they would be looking for and keep on giving, keep on giving…, can’t we secure a space on the search engine? Does Google want us to know how it operates so that we customize our pages accordingly? Do we really need to understand the moves of Google? Just some confusion that I would like you to clear.

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