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Abhinav Bindra The Shooting Star August 12, 2008

Posted by simarprit in Blogging, News, Olympics, Sports.
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It can happen only in India, nowhere else in the world you can get 80% of the prime time of all news channel and media after winning one gold medal in the Olympics. Then, it is only India with its well over one billion population which has never won a solo gold medal the Olympics.

I have been watching how the bloggers and the media have taken to it, it is just crazy. I love the frenzy India’s gets into. It looks as if we all have nothing to do and we suddenly find an occupation 🙂 I got seven congratulatory SMS as a chain mail, at-least 20 people broke the news to me, and I was asked thrice whether I have posted a blog. Not bad in an otherwise action packed day, with no time to breathe.

We also have another Indian greatness, we all instantly get into “I knew that” and “I had predicted that” mode, today’s newspapers are full with these and other such reactions.


1. jahchronicle - August 12, 2008

Congradulations India!

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