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An Indian Blog Writer July 6, 2008

Posted by simarprit in Blogging.
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I would love to trade in my designation of CEO Compare Infobase for the designation of an Indian Blog Writer. Am I joking, your guess could be as good as mine. Over 50 posts and several comments and counter comments later, Simarprit is an Indian Blog Writer as in, an Indian who writes blogs and not a blog writer who writes on India. My posts have no pattern, my blog is more of a potpourri, and there are no boundaries, geographic or otherwise. I just write, what I feel like, when I feel like, how much I feel like. Many a times I come back to add more to the same post, sometime I just don’t read them again, I must confess writing a post relaxes me. My father’s numerous attempts to make me write a daily diary see a partial success in my this blog.

If I trade in my designation: Won’t this become a profession?  Won’t I need something else to relax with? Would I start writing on the basis of search data and statistics? Won’t my posts be profit motivated? Would I become a Commercial Indian Blog Writer? Would I loose my freedom to write? I think my answer to all of these is Yes. An emphatic yes.

I never ever had a hobby which I could pursue for more than few days. Writing posts is becoming my hobby. I would love it to be just that, it should not become a compulsion, a passion or an obsession. I would love to be a free tow write, uncatagorized blogger. Simarprit’s web log should be a place to just read sundry and general posts, posts which just happened were never planned. I started my career as an editor of ISCAP an in-house publication of NIIT. The pleasure of writing a signed editorial became a job after first few issues, ith this post it has not happened like that. I see blogging as an extension of my life. I just can’t call up my friends and colleagues and say hey listen to me? This post has become a medium for me to write and casually let them know that I have some thoughts online. Many go and read and many don’t, it is just fine with me,  I get the pleasure that I have communicated and expressed my point of view. When I use to talk I was never certain whether the other person has listened/ heard or understood what I meant. 

Writing post to me is me, and I would love to do it as often as I can and as freely I can. I can see my posts becoming more casual and candid, I am glad and would like it to remain that way. While reading many other Indian Blog Writers, I has seen a conscious projection of ones own profile, many a times in contrast to what they really are. To me that is not blogging, that is business. I also cover Compare Infobase and its business interests in my posts, I do it due to personal reasons as the content or event behind those posts concerned Simarprit as a person.


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