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Future Years – A Case Study May 24, 2008

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When Jim & Karin entrusted us with this project, expectation was that it would be a quick fast one. It was an existing client, we had done thousands of websites, there was no rocket science involved, so it had to be a quickie. Quickie, anything but quickie,  I must admit we had no clue what we were getting into. The project personally to me has been an experience of a lifetime. Here is a random list of questions we encountered as we moved on:

  1. Name of the project, http://www.futureyears.com started as an unnamed project. We went through rounds of discussions and blocked many cover domains before zeroing it down to FutureYears.com. We wanted it to be a young domain name, full of life, serious, candid, different, something which could be evolved. Over and above we wanted something which our target audience could relate too.
  2. What is it, a transit point, a destination site, or both. We decided that it would be a destination site. A reference point, a site which is recommended as much for its structure as for its depth. 
  3. The English which we write is not the English which Americans read, period. This came as a big challenge. American English is a serious business for an organization which is US centric. Doing Future Years has opened Compare to this fact, in one of my briefs to the team, I mentioned, let’s face it we don’t know American English. It was tough telling me team of good, accomplished, highly educated professionals that we need to learn. The team was keen, very keen to learn and quickly implement.

More to come…


1. Ajit - May 28, 2008

Quite useful….

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