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Education In India – A Nation is Built May 10, 2008

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The other day, I found asking myself “a lot went wrong in past 60 years, a whole lot more went wrong partially – but look at the power of what went partially right,  a Knowledge Nation was born. Yes,  India the Knowledge Nation for the world. I am sure you are going to find it an oversell, trust me it is,  but then it is the oversell era, believe it and follow it.

What went partially right was establishment of IITs – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Indian_Institutes_of_Technology 


In late 60s, 70s and 80s a raging demand was to stop IITians from going abroad as it was felt that they are taking the nation for a ride. It was short changing the nation, I agree. Having said that, the same landed up having a larger meaning, they were brilliant students from brilliant families, from  brilliant institutes, trained by brilliant teachers. If you complete any circle there has to be an enclosed entity, this Circle of Brilliance encompassed within it a branded, near zero defect product. A brand was born – “He is from IIT”. “He” is important over the “I am from IIT”, which is not required. “He” shows, before an “I” is required. The first word of IIT – Indian played its role, “He” is an Indian, and “He” is technically good, which logically started having a connotation that any Indian is technically not bad.  

Many of my friends and colleagues have commented “XYZ is not a good programmer, in US he will be a success.” Are they right? Yes and No. Yes,because it is a fact that some useless guys have benefited from “any Indian is technically not bad” view. No, because if XYZ was so bad, he would have lost out in such a fiercely competitive and professional society.

IIS- Bangalore, AIIMS- Delhi, IIMs, SRCC, D School, St Stephens – Delhi, St Xaviers – Mumbai, Presidency – Chennai, Jadavpur University – Kolkata, BITS – Pilani, BHU – Varansi created more “He” and created a phenomenon, “India has the world’s largest factory for producing talent.” “She” was all the time missing, showing up here and there, but not dominating and making the presence felt. Kalpana Chwla, Sunita Williams & Indra Nooyi, “She” arrived with a bang. Indian Circle of Brilliance, became gender neutral.

With hundreds of billions of dollars in reserve, I wonder, why we just don’t go ahead and expand our exisiting IITs and create more.  Why we just don;t go ahead and create one of the finest and largest IITs in Bihar, somewhere near Patna. It would be a big mood changer, it will position Bihar and Patna in positive news.  We need to take these calls before the stock runs out and we can’t complete the Circle of Brilliance any longer.



more to come…



1. simarprit - July 12, 2008

I am glad there are more IITs and IIMs opening up. Including one IIT in Bihar.

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