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What Makes a Great Homepage? May 8, 2008

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What makes a great homepage?

A homepage which ensures that everyone who lands on it moves on to internal pages. The Homepage must have 100% click through rate. Anything below 90% is failure, absolute failure.

We had a business challenge to create a new homepage for one of our projects – http://www.mapsofworld.com– Maps of World is now the 5th largest Mapping site by most parameters and the Homepage must strengthen the same and make ground for the site to be seen as one of the finest mapping sites.

Here is the approach we followed to get there….

  1. Studied all Great Homepages, irrespective of the industry they belonged.
  2. We made Color Preference parameters
  3. We made gender specific layout choices
  4. We did a detailed user preference analysis
  5. Worked on what we want to show and what the surfer wants to see
  6. Worked on the assumption that things can stretch
  7. Had two parallel, independent teams working on the concept
  8. First set of all 10 designs bombed
  9. No team changes were made
  10. More close detailing of what is required was done
  11. A beautiful face with a great mind was the desired homepage
  12. We have to be the best in the trade was the dream
  13. Homepage was broken down as two homepages – Above the fold and below the fold
  14. Above the fold homepage was planned for visual impact
  15. Below the fold was planned for search engine friendliness
  16. Number of links were restricted to 60
  17. We limited the colors which can come on the website
  18. White had to be 40% – on the site, which meant 40% of White Space must hit the surfer
  19. Clutter was avoided
  20. Great Icons and thumbnails were planned
  21. Objective was also to scare the competition
  22. World Map Store links were integrated
  23. English was checked thrice over
  24. Beta version was floated around
  25. Close choice on exact color was done
  26. We told ourselves Google, Yahoo and Live must love us, Googlebot must love us too
  27. Prioritizing, Surfer comes first, search engines come second and we are third, user experience counts
  28. Kill surprises was essential
  29. Duplicate links were avoided
  30. Tags within pages were used

This was started by me few months back, On August 23, 2008 I have added more to it and would like this article to become a Homepage Design reference for SEO Best Practices. I may have done enough mistakes, please do comment and point it out.

There’s more to come….


1. Sujatha - May 10, 2008

…and it looks great

2. simarprit - May 13, 2008

Thanks Sujatha

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