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Living – Computer Generation to Facebook Generation May 5, 2008

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In 1986, my father (http://www.HCSINGH.com ) branded me as a man from Computer Generation, to him and to self it meant “I thought differently than him because of Computer”.

1996, my elder brother branded me as a man from Internet Generation, to him and to self it meant “I thought differently than him because of Internet”.

2006, no one branded me as a man from Facebook Generation, to everyone and to self it meant “nothing”. Yes nothing, but a generation change happened. Facebook Generation was born and it thought differently because of Facebook. I did open my Facebook account few moths before it become the NEWS, but I never thought here was a generation up there. To me it is like a silent heart attack, I just, all but died while the world moved on. Multiple electric shocks later I find myself struggling to be part of the Facebook generation, telling myself, it is OK, you’ve survived.  I am sure, I have survived at the same time I am also sure that I may not survive the next generational transition. There was time to run and catch the bus, next time there would be none, the transition would be faster, the gap would be wider the chasm would be insurmountable. To be part of the next generation one would have to be converting everyday, the transition is on the fly, the branding of the generation is the only thing which would come.  I did a realty check, “Which site do I use the most?”, pat came the reply Skype. To me it is an Internet site, and its application its extension. I spend minimum two hours everyday on Skype, against may be 30 minutes on Google, 30 minutes on Facebook and 30 minutes on Youtube. I think I end less than 5 minutes on an average on WordPress. What will happen to Skype when Facebook implements a killer application which replaces Skype, what would happen to Google when people start getting more results on everything, of a different form from Facebook itself, what would happen to Youtube, if the video integration of Facebook crosses the technology chasm which it faces today. In case all the three things happen Internet would be called Facebook. Maybe that is what Steve Balmer saw when he paid what he paid and got what he got and in one stroke he made Facebook a more valuable company than Ford.

I am catching up with Facebook, wishing that I am awake and know when the next generation gets branded, maybe I wish my daughter would say one day, Papa, I can’t relate to your thought process… LoL 



1. Ajit - May 6, 2008

Hello Mr. Singh

Good to see you back to your blogging ways. Had almost given up checking for your latest posts. Better late than never 😉


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