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Eternal Gifting April 28, 2008

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On my respected Mother’s first death anniversary the thought came to my mind, what would I give to my Mother four months down the lane and what would she give me as a return gift. She always gave one and I knew she would this time too.

When she had passed away, we had created a Foundation in her memory G.K.Saberwal Foundation, I thought let the foundation be the medium of this Mother to Son communication.

A project was born. Project, to do a Coffee Table Book on Sri Harmandir Sahib – The Golden Temple. Realizing that I would have no time window to pursue the thought, Compare Infobase was formally commissioned to do the project for the Foundation. Compare did a great job, but I had no window to spend hours over the manuscript and get it out on time, I was not too happy for it to come as a book in the form it was, and I was very sad that the project would be a no go. 

I left for San Jose amidst this uncertainty. Unlike last seven years this Baisakhi I couldn’t go to Darbar Sahib, sitting cutting receipts in the San Jose Gurdwara Sahib on the Baisakhi day with a beautiful photograph of Sri Harmandir Sahib looking at me a website was born.

Eight days later http://GoldenTempleImages.com was my Mother’s eternal gift. A Look at the site and I could feel  that there was no other way a son could have given a gift to his late Mother and the Mother could have given a return gift. Divine was the word. Serene was the word. Sri Harmandir Sahib’s abode on Internet, in the form in which it has come is a Collaborative Effort of Akal Purukh and its blessed ones. My thanks to the Compare Infobase team for picthing in and changing the course of the project. The Foundation with its folded hands  thanks everone for those extra miles.




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