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Feedbacks – Brickbats – Lifelines December 19, 2007

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Everytime I get a feedback, I thank my stars, I would have done something good that someone has taken out time to tell us where I am going wrong.

Many years back one of our stakeholders told me this “Nindak Nearay Rakhiaya, Aangan Kuti Chavaya, Bin Pani Saboon Bina Nirmal Karey Subhai”

It means “Those who criticise you, should always be very dear to you.  Make a permanent place for them in your life. Because they are the ones, who would not take anything from you but would improve your temperament/ outlook and personality”.

**Nindak (Critic) Nearay (Close) Rakhiaya (Keep), Aangan (Courtyard) Kuti (Cottage) Chavaya (Build), Bin (Without) Pani (Water) Saboon (Soap) Bina (Without that) Nirmal (Soft) Karey (Do) Subhai (Temperament)**

Many a times in my life, I have got absolutely gross feedback, its a tough call. Feedback can be in vested interest, feedback can be negative business intelligence, feedback can be a planted to demotivate, but then what is experience for. Just filter it/ honestly discount it, just take what you think is actionable, prioritize, consult and implement. Things can only get better. Feedback i also the best time to make friends. My immediate circle is full of those who “Love to hate me” and hate they do, and love that is what makes them hate me in the first place, they want me better, better than what I am, always.

Challenge is when you get a feedback which involves a group. It is a big challenge, there are many interests and egos involved, what is the best way? I think nothing works better than working in the interest of core of the group. If the group is your Family forget individual stakes and work for Family, if the group is Company, work for Company, If the group is Nation, work for the Nation.

If you are the group leader, you take the call, if you are not you actively support others to take it. Ensure a prompt call is taken, every-time.

Another thing I have seen as a challenge in Feedback is extracting actionable points, usually feedback is full of self acclaim, rhetoric and deja-vu. I always tell myself where is the Jewel? let me get it. One Jewel is always there in a feedback, always. It can take three or four readings to get it, but you would get it, it can be tough though in oral feedback. A revert to feedback should always be candid and should be with respect to the individual. 

 One always thanks a gift, one should always thank a feedback, ultimately what you do with the gift or the feedback is your call.


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