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Rajjot – Sunnyvale, CA. Indian Restaurant, Review December 9, 2007

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Where: 1234 S Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, 408 730 5510

Owned by: A Punjabi Family

What do they have: Indian – Indian Food.  It is not Americanised Indian.  So if a non Indian is having it, he must appreciate that this is Indian, and not what you get at places like Shagun & Amber.

I have over last three visits, tried their following dshes:

  1.  Samosa –  Rating 8/10
  2. Aallo Tikki – Rating 9/10
  3. Aallo Parantha – Rating 10/10
  4. Kardhi – Rating 7/10
  5. Chicken Curry (My friends tried) Rating 7/10
  6. Gajrela – Gajar Ka Halwa Rating 10/10
  7. Yellowdaal – Rating 7/10
  8. Dal Makhani – Rating 7/10
  9. Chitay (Safed) Chollay (Channa)  – Rating 9/10
  10. Jalebi – Rating 6/10
  11. Chaul  – (Chawal) Rating 7/10

Overall  ratings:

Location: 7/10 

Ambiance: 1/10

Food: 8/10

Service: 6/10

Togo: 8/10

Value for Money: 10/10… You just can’t get any better Indian Food at this price.

Simar’s 2cents: Go for food, closest you can get to truly desi home food in the Bay area.


1. simarprit - December 25, 2007

Simar’s 2 cents more: There are no parking issues, but it is best to go for “Togo”. Sitting is fairly cramped and unorganized.

2. Nimesh - December 25, 2007

Strange feedback on an ordinary joint – Rajjot. I feel this person has never had food in a good joint.

3. simarprit - December 25, 2007

I agree with part one of your comment Nimesh. It is a very `ordinary’ joint. It is a hole in a wall establishment. But to get an `ordinary’ joint is actually an exciting thing. The food is `ordinary’ , my article mentions it and recommends it as a place for `ordinary’ home food closest to the one cooked back home. Amber and Shagun have great ambiance, but `not ordinary’ food. Their food is too Americanized for my desi tatse. India Clay Oven is another good Indian food outlet but they don’t have an outlet in bay-area (they partciapte in farmers market).

Having said the above, I respect your thoughts, and value your feedback. I also understand that my taste buds may like something, which others may not. Your post is up for everyone to make their own judgment.


4. tarun - April 4, 2008

I agree with simarprit…Rajjot is as close to actual punjabi food as it gets..for me most of the indian buffets in the US have murdered the indian cuisine with the same tomato + cream gravy..Rajjot has managed to keep it real and simple…no over the top stuff but thats wt u r lukin for in a casual weekday dinner…..especially the paronthey are to die for….truly punjabi by nature in terms of size 🙂

5. simarprit - May 13, 2008

Recently a colleague visited Rajjot his 2 cents, “It is the real Punjabi food”.

I only hope they keep it that good.

6. daina - June 27, 2008

I really like shagun indian cuisine….the can prepare the food according to ur taste……desi spicy, mild..however u want it……it should be counted as one the best indian place.

7. simarprit - July 1, 2008

Hi Daina!
Shagun’s problem is inconsistency. They are inconsistent in availability, quality and quantity. They are not “Desi and Functional” like Rajjot. I prefer Rajjot becuase they are consistent. They are a hole in the wall raising limited expectations but whatever they sell is fresh and Indian in taste. I have had food at Shagun thrice and got them to do catering once. The owner’s daughter Shabnam is a good conversationist, but what they need is a good chef.

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