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Sturdy All Wood Tables November 16, 2007

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You don’t have to be a carpenter to know which table is going to be sturdy. It is pure commonsense and some amount of science. Using tables has been the single most time consuming activity so far in life, and if a table shakes your mind shakes. There are some random thoughts on what makes a table useful and sturdy.

  1. Plan it as if it can be used from all the four sides, level of comfort may differ, but usage should be good enough.
  2. Build a table from legs upwards, if the legs are strong and cross linked the table is bound to be sturdy.
  3. Plan supports to the frame. If a table is going to be used for years together, insist on a frame based table.
  4. A good frame must have an interlocking support other than glue and nails business.
  5. Interlocking was regular in furniture making till about 20 years ago, when wood and less board was used. Now you have to specify that you want an interlocking furniture to get one.
  6. For a table of 6 feet by 3 feet, insist on atleast 8 interlocks.
  7. Interlocks can be done very aesthetically and make the table look good even when exposed.
  8. For something which is required beyond five years use as much of wood as possible, avoid compressed board.
  9. Legs should be at-least 4 square inches thick.
  10. The outer-frame must be given strength with one vertical and one horizontal support for the size in discussion. The frames four sides should also be 3 inches thick and at-least 5 inches wide. This would help in making strong interlocks.
  11. The vertical and horizontal support logs must interconnect at the centre of the table.
  12. Keep the table corners round to the extent possible.
  13. Use thick single length margins
  14. Use wooden screws where available and possible.
  15. Design the table for misuse. Tell yourself six people are going to sit on it, three people are going yo drag it and it is going to be moved at-least once a year in a truck.
  16. Always tell yourself someone real heavy person is going to stand on the this sweet thing.
  17. If using a laminate insist on using the thickest laminate available in the market.
  18. Keep cable provisioning and provide at-least 1.5 sockets per person.
  19. Use extreme corners and not the centers to plan electric points.
  20. Insist on washable finsihing, insist on hidden lift straps for lifting and movement.


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