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Om Shanti Om – Indian Movie Quick Review November 13, 2007

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Do you want to see two movies at the cost of one? See Om Shanti Om. First half OSO is one movie and the second half is another. They are two altogether different films made, directed, edited and acted very differently. First half is fun, second half is trash. First half is comedy, second is tragedy of errors. First half can be called a masterpiece, second half is just scattered pieces.  First half is tight and great editing, second half is loose and what is editing? First half is direction par excellence, second half is why do you need direction, action is sufficient. First half see Shahrukh Khan as a great actor, second half SRK is an insecure rowdy. 

First half of the movie can be seen again and again, second half wastage of time. The ghost and spirits angle is ill-conceived in otherwise a decent plot. Darde Disco should be rated as the most horrible song ever conceived, composed and shot.

My take 5/10 4.5 for the first half and .5 for the second half.


1. Ajit - November 14, 2007

Hello Mr. Simarprit

Rough calculations show that 75% of the people in Compare are SRK fans and absoultely loved his latest movie. They are not going to take too kindly to the rating you gave to OSO. But the good news is, they are not aware of the rating you gave for OSO. About Bobby Jindal and conformists, conformists are better for ensuring international peace and co-operation. After all it is important for one to be able to adjust to his or her surroundings and imbibe the qualities of the same. But I guess the problem starts when the adjustment takes place because of some vested interests.

With regards

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