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Calendar Making – A Challenge November 11, 2007

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A cursory look at any calendar and my mind starts rolling. What’s the game-plan? What’s the idea? What’s the objective? Why this format? Why these colors? Why this font? Why this shade? Why that underline? Why that unfilled? Why that bold? The flow doesn’t stop.

Two years back, I finally took up the challenge to design a calendar. When we got to it, the challenge was an absolute unknown. A three member team got going, Creative, Language Specialist and a Visualizer.  Hundreds of thoughts were pondered upon before we reached the operative challenge. The Challenge was – To ensure that the calendar is not passed down, put up at a prominent place and retained for 12 months.

The challenge definition behind us, we got going with the questions which were always known. New questions started popping up and the master list of thought process took shape:

  1. Why are we doing it? 
  2. Who will be the user?
  3. How many do we want?
  4. What should be the all inclusive cost to us without the design cost?
  5. What should be the format?
  6. What should be the size?
  7. How would we dispatch it?
  8. In what condition would it be received?
  9. What is the theme?
  10. Which would be the best paper?
  11. What should be the thickness of the paper?
  12. Which printing press and what kind of machines?
  13. Whether we want UV treatment?
  14. What type of binding?
  15. Steps to keep it “self clean”?
  16. Are we offending anyone?
  17. Are we excluding anyone?
  18. Are we being very serious?
  19. Is it a sales pitch or a tribute, or both or none?
  20. Is it the only time we are going to do it?
  21. If we do this, what would we do next?
  22. What are challenges brought up by our paper selection?
  23. What are challenges brought up by our format selection?
  24. What are challenges brought up by binding selection?
  25. Do we have all the stock at our studio?
  26. What comes first? What we have or what we should put?
  27. What is the ratio between publicity and subject?
  28. How to ensure universal acceptability of language?
  29. Should the subject be niche or generic?
  30. What are the color association of months?
  31. What’s different and how it is pleasantly different?
  32. How to do indirect branding?
  33. How much of credit to be taken for designing?
  34. Are there hidden messages? Can these messages be offending?
  35. Are we being ignorant on some aspects of the theme?
  36. Is our photograph selection unbiased?
  37. Are our Layouts exciting and acceptable?
  38. Is our designing in-line with the theme? Do they talk the same language?
  39. Have we planned it real well?
  40. How to plan eye relief for a month long close look at?
  41. How many proofreads and how many types of proofreads?

Our first calendar was appreciated, but we knew we went wrong majorly on one point. Theme, our theme was too niche, it was Taariq-e-Dilli. Those who loved Delhi and belonged to it were excited, others found it even difficult to pass on. Our very candid feedback told us that about 15% calendars may not have been ever used. Next year we took a theme which was pan India our full canvas. The calendar was a a mega success.

This year we would be on our third calendar and the original visualizer and the language specialist are both not around. The Calendar is bound to be better than ever done before.


1. custom myspace layouts - January 12, 2008

These are really the key points in making the calender , and i feel this is really tough to decide these things , what are the other different things that should be keep in mind ?

2. simarprit - January 12, 2008

I was not involved in the Calendar Designing and Production this year. I would have to request some of those who did this year.

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