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Logan By Mahindra Renault – A review October 28, 2007

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How many cars does a man need? Ask me? We just bought  the new baby in town – Logan by Mahindra Renault.

Here I go on why we choose to buy it, why it is a great car and why it is unlikely to succeed in India (Have a great resale):

  1. Great reviews
  2. My daughter (all of 10 years) pushing for it
  3.  On time test drive at home
  4. Friendly at home sales professional
  5. Mahindra Logan is a very wide car and with no middle rest, feels even more wider, it is so wide that lovers can go estranged.
  6. A tall design which doesn’t look one. With turban my frame is over 6 feet.
  7. Rear seat, where I usually sit is huge for a car in this budget.
  8. The car runs!!! A great engine, good pick-up, very less noise. You are actually not in a diesel car till someone tells you.
  9. Road grip excellent couldn’t be better
  10. Braking mind blowing
  11. Suspension is little hard, but fine for all India drive.
  12. Paint Job is good
  13. Interior is roomy, but even in the top-end it gives a feel of “too much of plastic at too many places”
  14. Power window buttons can surely give you backache, if not a full blown spondylitis
  15. Doors are heavy and clumsy
  16. Doors open good enough for fairly healthy individuals to enter comfortably
  17. Boot is again best in class
  18.  Fabric is fine
  19.  Bad economizing at quite a few places, especially only one seat has a back pocket

Why go for it?

Great value for money. Solid. Wide. Tall. Silent. Economical. Boot.

Think twice?

Mahindra Logan is likely to have very poor resale. Too much of plastic in interiors. Clumsy doors. No central lighting. Bad positioning of power windows.

My 2 cents:

 Mahindra Logan is not a good first car.

Best second car money can buy.

Best car if your driver drives and you travel at least 60 Kms every day.

We selected Mahindra Logan over: Optra Diesel; Indigo Marina & XL;Ford Fiesta 1.6 Diesel; Hyundai Verna Diesel; SX4 Petrol & Honda City Petrol. 

Price: Rs 6.56 lakhs in Delhi on Road for top of the line model.


1. simarprit - November 18, 2007

Logan by Mahindra completed one month with us day before yesterday.
a) Remains the car of choice
b) Being wide helps
c) Entry and exit from the car is back friendly
d) Logged about 1200 Kms in first month
e) It does well on redlights
f) Boot has been helping out during airport rounds
g) Average about 17 in Delhi City and NCR running
h) Handling is good and handles Delhi roads well, does well on U-turns and sharp turns.
h) I recommend this car, now even to the first time buyers – It is comfortable….

2. simarprit - December 29, 2007

Logan has been with us for about three months:

a) It has become a favorite car for daily commute
b) Has done 3666 Kms
c) There have been no problems, no noise, no issue
d) My wife’s Fiesta has been confined to the back garage
e) Boot not having a remote and opening only with key remains most inconvenient
f) We are getting use to the front panel power window button, but as this is one of our many cars, and only one to have this function it remains a pain
g) The car walks the talk on quality
h) I got chance to drive the Diesel Verna the other day, the car looks good, but Hyundai Verna is a typical mannequin material great to look at, no life. We were so glad we didn’t buy it.
i) Our Logan came with a good music system but without a remote, it remains a problem.
j) We feel Mahindra Renault may like to fix these few things in Logan
i) Boot/ Trunk should have remote as well as inside the cabin opening option
ii) Power windows should move to the more comfortable place on the door panels
iii) The Lumber Support should be removed, or made more comfortable to us
iv) Music system must come with a remote

Logan is a great car Mahindra Renault has an option to make it the largest selling car in India, the car can downgrade the small hatchback segment and become first choice in above Rs 4,00,000/- segment.

3. simarprit - January 8, 2008

Logan needed some attention today. The rear left door handle needed screw tightening from inside (Philips 4 head). Crossed 5,000 Kms, fatest ever in our family. Fog lamps were put to good use today. Car remain value for money.

4. Ketan Kulkarni - April 7, 2008

You can put a in car boot opener. I bought a Logan DLX today and fought really hard with the sales lady to give me teflon coating and the remote boot opener installed free of cost. On the very first day it was of use to me. I had gone to Nirmal Lifestyle mall in Mulund, Mumbai, for lunch and the guard there insisted on checking the boot. I felt so glad that I could open it while seating in the ac and not having to either stop the engine or having to get out of the car. You can check with the dealer from whom you got the car and have the remote boot opener installed in your car. There are 2 shortcomings still:

1. It operates only when the key is in the ready poistion, just before you start the vehicle.

2. It is still a manual process. Hence you still cannot install an autocop or a keyless opening of the boot from outside the car.

5. simarprit - April 9, 2008

Logan is about to complete 6 months of service with Singh household. It is the only car in the house which runs everyday. Ford Fiesta the one to one choice with Logan is now used only to keep the batteries alive. It did a long stint with my wife’s parents as their Honda City had met with an accident. I was told that they felt it was far better than the City in all respects.
It had its service recently. The first “Look at” was the right door panel, there was some rattling noise. The Innova which came at the same time is still used rarely, the driving feel is not comfortable as compared to Logan and to me it looks like a “car” only if it is driven never a self drive choice for me. Logan is fun to move around.

6. simarprit - May 11, 2008

The right door panel still makes noise. We’ve got it to the showroom twice in last one month, they have not been able to fix it.
Rattling noise from the door is audible and annoying.

7 months – 10,000 KMs. One deffect.

7. simarprit - May 16, 2008

Yesterday morning I actually got disturbed by Mahindra Logan door noise. I sent it for repairs and in the evening the rattling remained. It looks like I will have to go myself to the workshop.

8. simarprit - August 7, 2008

10 months – 15,000 KMs. One defect, which refuses to go away. The car otherwise is working fine and continues saving me time and money. This car is so wide and the driver seat is so comfortable that you just relax once in it. I prefer driving it for this reason more than milage over the Ford Fiesta we’ve at home. Sharad is having second thoughts, he just mentioned that the looks are not good, he wants to change his Indigo and is looking at other options. I told him for looks you have the Accord, have this one for utility. I don’t think he is convinced. My gut feel is he will by a Verna, which is a far inferior car when it comes to engine and much smaller when it comes to cabin space, but if looks only matter, then why not. Go ahead Sharad buy a Verna, it of course looks better, to your nature of use, trust me, it doesn’t matter that it is not as big in size or has a better engine.

9. Vijay V - September 7, 2008

Thanks Simarprit,
Read this page completely..Very nice reviews. Keep posting about your Logan. I am 6.2″ tall. Do you think this car would be suitable for tall drivers ?
Pls advice me.


10. simarprit - September 7, 2008

Thanks Vijay! I am 5.10″ and wear a turban and I am “healthy” to put it mildly, this car is fine for me. Still don’t go by my word, please do a test drive and do sit on all the four seats and check all your limb movements. The model I have has lumber support etc. (manual), but it will help in fixing the right angle if you drive yourself.

Mahindra Logan has now 16,000 something on odometer, the car is doing fine. I have a feeling that it needs wheel alignment. AC did great service though it was not a very hot for Delhi summer.

11. Ramu GSV - September 15, 2008

Appreciate the efforts taken in writing the review. I am convinced on Mahindra renault Logan in terms of space etc., I am likely to do only about 1000km per month. Hope petrol is fine. But how is the performance of Logan petrol version? Same as good as Diesel version??

12. simarprit - September 24, 2008

Hi Ramu!
I am sorry, I’ve no clue about the petrol version of Logan by Mahindra Renault. I am sure there are better choices available in petrol, I am also sure I wold have not considered Logan if I was buying a petrol car. In the past I’ve recommended Maruti Suzuki SX4 as a good value for money petrol car, Swift Dzire also can be a good buy. I am OK with my Ford Fiesta pterol if you don’t consider mileage issues. A dear friend who drove our Fiesta for few days (as a vehicle exchange we needed his Innova) commented the following “it runs, wow, amazing grip on the road and an equally amazing hole in the pocket”.

13. simarprit - November 11, 2008

First expenditure:
The rear right light just got chipped. Replacement Rs 2800.00
Rest no expenses. 16,600 KMs – No puncture/ no repair – Door ratling remains.

14. simarprit - April 19, 2009

We are at 20,000 KM mark now. The car has had no flat so far and no bad news. We have learned the art of living with that rattling sound, now it looks like we have an expenditure looking at us… The Horn is not honking properly and we will need to fix it.

15. Sam - October 9, 2009

Hey Simarprit, i saw all your reviews, seems very intresting,
just wanted to bring this news if it would help,
Mahindra Renault has come up with the new Logan Play,
I visited the showroom and and saw the new logan play, i even took a test drive,
the performance is amazing, the fresh look of the car does attract the buyers, it has the all new sporty look and flashy vinyls does compliment the car.
the car seems easy to maintain and the spare parts are also easy to get, it is a total value for money.
This link might help you know more:- bit.ly/RUTx6

16. simarprit - October 11, 2009

That horn was fixed and we also got a minor denting and painting job done. The workshop – the only authorized dealer in our neighborhood looked good but he did a bad job.
The car has done 28,000 KMs now and is doing fine, important is it is a diesel car and we have not had a flat so far. I suggest that all those who use a Logan or any other diesel vehicle must make a point to get air pressue checked on every taken full or 30 days which ever is earlier. Logan is doing great rounds as a family car which can do one way multiple pick-up and drop jobs without hurting the pocket and risking accidents

17. Rishi - November 18, 2009

Mahindra Renault is celebrating sales of over 1 million for the Logan.
M&M is celebrating this milestone by giving a discount of Rs 60000/- on every purchase of a logan
It’s a great offer as the Logan sales are already picking up!!!

18. Robinson - January 11, 2010

Hi, I own a logan, which runs 32000km, door rattling noise which started in first 5000km and it still continues the same. Gives good mileage, better performance. But still its like a bullock cart where the rattling noise is heard inside the car.

simarprit - January 12, 2010

Hmmm… Not in my case, a lot to do with handling of the car, the way we handle cars at home is like our precious treasures. There is one noise which is there, Mahindra can’t fix it – but otherwise it is all good, good. Within city we get an effective avergae of 17 – 18. Bliss

19. Tapesh - February 15, 2010

My experience with Mahindra logan is not good…and its not worth spending time and money in any Mahindra renault product…you can chek the real case study on my blog.

simarprit - February 15, 2010

I think you are plain unlucky. I am very happy with Logan – zero maintenance and great service so far. Two and a half years of ownership and I am close to 35,000 KMs. Flawless performance, just those minor stuff which I have been documenting anyway.

20. amy - March 10, 2010

My, my: Tapesh seems to have a score to settle here!! he’s put up a link to his blogspot all over the place.

Ive bought the edge diesel knowing fully well that some controls are on the other side. its the fuel economy and sheer space that i loved. also for me its one hell of a sturdy drive.

service can be better though.

People – I didn’t expect the moon with the logan, but it turns out a sound practical choice for me.

simarprit - March 10, 2010

I understand your view point, our Logan is close to three years now and as a value for money (which we bought it for) it is an awesome car. With the news that Mahindra Renault partnership may not survive, I have some doubts about the next two years which i want to use this car and they are only some.

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