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Pot Belly Deli, San Jose – A Review October 28, 2007

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Location: 111 N Market Street

Franchise Runner: Moon

Layout: Standard

Food: Standard but absolutely fresh on the fly

Layout: Inside and also under the great Californian Sun…

Soft Drinks: Great Range

Service: Out of the world, Moon takes personal interest and is friendly to everyone. She knows all of her regulars and not so regulars.

Price: A good Lunch with Drink for $ 7 – $ 10

Specials: Makes to your taste Sandwich, I prefer the Salmon. Also Grills Salmon and Tilapia Steak very well.

Must Have: Biscooti


1. Ajit - October 31, 2007


Well, this comment is not related to the 28th Oct post. It is the 17th Oct post, behavioural bullets which I found to be very interesting and revealing. The points p,q and r were of particular interest to me. It would be of good help to know how I could keep a check on those bad habits. But of course, you are bound to agree that at certain times, those habits come very handy in getting work done.

2. bayareacritic - November 25, 2007

Sounds like a great place. Hey, let me know if you would like to have your review posted on my website and newsletter. We’re always looking for these hidden gems in San Jose.

Byron, The Bay Area Critic

3. simarprit - November 30, 2007

Hi Byron! Please goahead. It’s fine with me.

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