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Behavioral Bullets October 13, 2007

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a) Polite is the middle name of any manager today.

b) Respect cannot be demanded, it can only be commanded by your actions.

c) Being civil and firm is more effective than being aggressive and abusive.

d) Structuring/ Planning and Timelines are very critical.

e) Understanding limitations of others is half job done.

f) Consistent positive attitude gets positive shift in business.

g) Talent is scarce

h) People work for Money and Respect, if you show less respect you give more money, if you give more respect you give less money. For some respect is more important than money.

i) To err is human, give a window with respect for correction

j) Don’t rub  in “favor’s given”

k) People respect doers, they accept orders and commands lovingly from those who have something to teach.

l) Everyone has an opportunity to grow, are you using yours.

m) Appreciation should be genuine and unedited

n) Know your subject and respect others knowledge

o) Don’t lay down terms and conditions very often

p) Ill-treating anyone does more harm to yourself by disturbing your mind, and making you loose focus.

r) Watch your words, most troubles begin from them

s) Restraining your anger gets quicker results

t) Known by your intelligence is eternally rewarding

u) Always think ahead, what if helps…

v) Your solution should never become a problem in itself

w) Learn something new everyday, and if possible document it.

x) Never take your health and wealth for guaranteed, both are consumable and quickly perishable

y) Impressions change, very gradually.

z) Create your own ecosystem


1. simarprit - November 9, 2007

Hi Ajit!
Further to your comment posted in the other section some more take on the points mentioned by you.

p) Ill-treating anyone does more harm to yourself by disturbing your mind, and making you loose focus.

Usually one ill-treats others when there is a difference of opinion. The best course on the same is to check how strongly does the matter and the opinion matter in broader life. Does it change the course of your life, is it so Macro for you that you would do anything to control the opinion. The minute a check and Balance is done, 99.99 percent of the matters look trivial and not worth fighting about. You just let them go. Ill-treating is the effect and not the cause, cause is very often a non-issue.

r) Watch your words, most troubles begin from them
Words trigger it all, all wars, all revolutions and every thing in between is triggered by words. While speaking if one remebers that “Am I the person with a solution or I want to become part of the problem” chances are words would get controlled automatically, they will allign themselves with I am the soluton spectrum.

s) Restraining your anger gets quicker results
It gives the other person a reason and a window to rethink and revise. It takes the sting out and defeats the reason behing anger. If you are being resonable in crisis, you would be seen as being very reasonable in every day life.

2. Ajit - November 12, 2007

Hello Mr. Simarprit

Fantastic explanation of the points. Nicely put too. Thank you for going to all the trouble of explaining it to me.


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