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Body Clock October 11, 2007

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Anyone who believes that I travel halfway across the world every month, wonders what is jet-lag to this guy? Jetlag  to me is body-clock management. My two cents: (It works for me)

a) Start eating less 24 hours prior to the flight.

b) Drink lot of low cal liquids.

c) One hour of flight equals 100 paces… so plan to walk.

d) Reach fresh/ reach exhausted. If you are arriving in the morning, exhaust yourself prior to the flight, a major workout would help, you’ll knock off whatever time it is when you hit the aircraft seat. I try to do three times the normal for morning arrivals.  I do the reverse, that is skip my workout, pick up a must read cover to cover book and do a conscious “awake for 10 hours” before landing routine. The minute I hit bed back at home, it is the treasured sleep and the morning is fresh.

e) In flight workouts reduce jet-lag, so do galley meetings…

The above works for me and I don’t take up any responsibility or expect any rewards of adopting the same.

Happy landings


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