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I am not Osama October 5, 2007

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Every time I cross the TSA check points at airports, I know I have to prove once again “I am not Osama, or from his clan”, I am a Sikh with unshorn hair and turban intact. The Million Minute question literally is, how to explain to the World or at least this part of the World that more than 10 Million people who wear the turban have notruck with Osama. 

I am planning to do special program for TSA in association with Gurdwara Sahibs in US, on “Visible Identity of Sikh”.

I believe and I follow….

Sikhi Kaisaan Sawasaan naal nibhia, Dharam nahin haraya.  Colloquial translation would go something like … (Followed Sikhism in Appearance and spirit. Religious code of conduct is followed”.


1. Demystifying Sardars « Bellyonfire's Blog - October 18, 2009

[…] Sardars are often ridiculed for the way they look. A turbaned man sporting a beard, is not easy to understand for some.  Perhaps, the “bias” towards Sardars becomes more severe as one moves out of India. In that context, I found this cartoon to be quite interesting- Weirdo. Post 9/11, things may have become more difficult for Sardars in the US. Couple of years back, it certainly prompted one person to write a blog post titled, “I am not Osama“. […]

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